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Janna Jihad

Janna Jihad

Sector : Media , Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Female
  • Born in : 2006
  • Age : 15
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Jana Tamimi also known as Jana Jihad (born April 6, 2006) is a young Palestinian activist and amateur journalist. Several media outlets awarded her the title of "the youngest journalist in Palestine". Other media also considered her as one of the youngest female journalists in the world.

She lives in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, and belongs to the Banu Tamim tribe. Her mother, Nawal Tamim, is the Director of Women's Affairs at the Palestinian Ministry of Development. Jihad has regularly participated in demonstrations against the Israeli army. She began filming events on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, such as the events of the demonstrations taking place in her village when she was seven years old, and she publishes them in Arabic and English through several social networking sites, including Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook, and the number of her followers on Facebook has reached more than 270,000 followers in January 2018. Jihad said that her goal is to convey what she considers the suffering of the Palestinian people to the world and which she believes media companies do not convey. Jana was affected by the killing of her cousin and uncle at the hands of the Israeli army. She was inspired by her uncle Bilal Tamimi, a photographer who documents the violence of Israeli soldiers in the village of Nabi Saleh.

She went to South Africa under the auspices of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation to spread awareness about the violence taking place in the West Bank as part of the "Pals4Peace" tour with the South African "Children of Shamsan" campaign in support of Palestine.

Supporters of Israel criticized it, considering it used to spread anti-Israel propaganda at the international level, and a classified report of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs considered it a "security risk".

Jihad considers herself to be living in the period of the third intifada, and she has expressed her support for peaceful resistance against what Israel sees as brutal practices.



Achievements and Awards

In March of 2017, Jihad was awarded the International Birr Award in Istanbul, Turkey. She appeared in the documentary "Ready for Resistance" when she was nine years old.

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